Visit to SIUT

In our first semester we went to SIUT (Kidney Centre) with Miss Sana, it was an educational trip.

SIUT is the kidney centre where treatment for cancer, liver and kidney of the poor people is free of cost. They are financially incapable of affording modern diagnostic, treatment and transplant facilities which are very costly in the private sector.

It was formed by Dr.Adeeb Rizvi. It started from a ward in CIVIL HOSPITAL with seven beds. Now, there are nine centres all over the country.

There were many different wards. But when I went into the children ward, I saw there were children of different ages and were passing through the severe stage of their disease but still manage to smile, this made my eyes wet. I felt really pity and sympathy for them.

The environment was very good. Each patient is treated with utmost respect. Rich and poor were being treated equally, and doctors were very friendly with patients, they feed them positive thoughts, them give them hope, courage, support, and listening ear.

Health care is a basic right